Homelessness is becoming an increasing problem throughout the past several decades. As of the year 2000, approximately 1 billion people were considered homeless. This means that almost 1/6 of our population was considered homeless; a scary fact indeed. The problem is at its worst in Africa, Asia and Latin America, where millions of adults and children alike have nowhere to call home. In Canada, we have one of the lowest homelessness rates in the world. However, with up to 300,000 homeless people in our country, there is still far too much room for improvement. On an average night, 40,000 Canadians sleep in homeless shelters, and this does not include the many more that sleep on the streets.
To get a true sense of the situation, you need to imagine yourself in a situation where you have nowhere to go, nobody to care for you. The overwhelming despair that can be felt in such a situation is unendurable, and with your help, we can improve lifestyles worldwide. Homelessness is a problem that can be solved; we just need your support.